cover for Greetings from Here: Audio Postcards in Transition

Trauma Response (For Cait) [2017]

text-sound, live solo performer; 4 mins


An Integration [2017]

text-sound, live solo performer; 10 min.


Encounters [2017]

Written and performed with Sei Harris

slapstick empirical comedy duo, live ; 10 min.


I Don't Have One and So Do I [2017]

text-sound, for human sampler and speaking voice; 5 min


First Piano Lesson [2016]

text-sound, analogue, self-oscillating bandpass filters [created in 2015]

[listen on Sonospace]


Three Dictaphones for Trans Day of Remembrance [2016]

text-sound, a participatory audio dialectic; unspecified length


Counter-Narratives [2016]

text-sound, reversed edit of an audiobook with interludes; 10min


Greetings From Here: Audio Postcards in Transition [2016]

text-sound, low-fi postcards recorded on laptop mic, mixed in audacity; 29 min

[Buy from Spoken Records]


Chel(s)ea Girl [2016]

a de-sibilanced verson of Nico's otherwise great 1967 album Chelsea Girl. includes a (s)upercut of every S in the album


Soap No Radio [2010-13]

sound installation coded in Max/MSP, shown at down street art festival, North Adams, MA

Suburbia or Psychosis? Either Way It'll be a Riot! [2011]

experimental radio drama pilot

Musique Concrète with Pop Tunes (From Seven Compositions) [2010]

Moonage Daydream: sample from david bowie song of the same name

Satellite: sample from velvet underground song satellite of love