Recording, Mixing and Post-Production

Pauline has worked as a recordist for outlets such as Marketplace, BuzzFeed, Gimlet Media, The Public Theater, KQED's The California Report, and the Canadian Broadcasting Company. She has worked as a live recordist for classical and "avant-garde" music. She has recorded sound for picture and live mixed for Rosewood Sound. She has full, professional grade location gear, including Sound Devices recorders, DPA lavaliers, and Schoeps mics. 

She is a deeply experienced dialogue editor, both for film and animation with expertise in noise-reduction. She uses the iZotope RX5 Advanced Suite with Oxford, Lexicon, and Waves mastering plugins.


Some Broadcast Work (Recordist):

BuzzFeed - See Something Say Something with Reza Aslan

Marketplace - FX's Making of Americans

Public Theater (NYC) - Justin Vivian Bond: Choose Your Own Adventure


Live Classical / New Music (Mixer and Recordist):

aLma.MaddR's Live Scoring of Theodore Dryers' "The Passion of Joan of Arc" (1928)


Sound For Picture (Mixer and Recordist)

Overcoats - Live recorded music video for Overcoats (Billboard)


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