[Show Review] Cazan, Gloss, and Anderson at Betalevel, Sequenza21

"Although created from simple materials, these text/sound works operate at the intersection of cognition and emotion, expanding the vocabulary of art into new territory."

[Album Review] Under the Radar, Doug Harvey, Artillery Magazine

"[Greetings from Here] reminds me of nothing so much as the poet Anne Sexton’s amazing recording for poetry label Caedmon, with Gloss’ NPR-ready baritone even resembling Sexton’s tobacco-and-vodka cured delivery"

[Album Review] Greetings From Here, Paul Muller, Sequenza21

"Greetings from here is a truly extraordinary album, placing the listener in completely new emotional terrain. This is powerful material, bearing witness to a complex and unguarded vulnerability that most of us can hardly imagine."


YesFemmes, Issue 1 - Excerpts from Greetings From Here


NextCity - Three Dictaphones for Trans Day Of Remembrance

The Rumpus - Lambda Lit Fest



Voice / Words / Sound: David Katz, Pauline Gloss, Nikki Darling at Betalevel [Jan 2018]

performance of White Candle Suite


Group Work at Automata [2017]

performance of "You are a Speaker: Together, Separate, and All-Together"


Readers Chorus at MoCA Geffen [2017]

performance of "Letter to the Museum (After Hollis Frampton)"


Electricity, Sound, Words: Casey Anderson, Pauline Gloss, and Scott Cazan at Betalevel [2017]

solo set including "Trauma Response," "First Piano Lesson," and "An Integration." 


I Don't Have One and So Do I: Pauline Gloss at Poetic Research Bureau [2017]

performance of "An Integration," "Encounters," "I Don't Have One and So Do I," and others.


Words With Friends: Gloss and Harris; Music at MiMoDa [2017]

joint concert with Sei Harris


Lambda LitFest: Yes Femmes II [2017]

performance of "I Don't Have One and So Do I"


Museum of Jurassic Technology [2017]

performance with Sara Robert's Reader's Chorus


3TON Cinema's "Living Breathing" at Monk Space [2016]

performance of "Counter-Narratives"


L.A. Road Concerts: A Day of Remembrance [2016]

performance of Three Dictaphones for Trans Day of Remembrance


ALma.MaddR's Quiet Night [2016]

performance of "Counter-Narratives"


CalArts (R.O.D Concert Hall) [2016]

performance with Sara Robert's Reader's Chorus (watch)


Water Is Life; Non-Plus Ultra [2016]

reading of new work


Poetry Fest; CV Art Scene [2016]

listening party; discussion


aagatha Gallery [2016] Greetings from RESIDUE

live, improvisatory, context-based performance as a part of Elliot Reed's RESIDUE installation


Molasses Books [2016] Greetings From Here

listening party and discussion