Upcoming Performances

Field Notes at Prelinger Library, San Francisco

14 June, with Sei Harris, Tamara Porras, and Prima Jalichandra-Sakuntabhai

I Knew That Was You at Human Resources, LA

7 May, with Keijaun Thomas and Nicolas Bermeo

Way Out! at Wayward Social, Brooklyn, NY

29 April, group show

Bureau of General Services, Queer Division, NYC

26 April, solo show

HECK, Brooklyn, NY

19 April, group show


[Show Review] Pauline Gloss in Los Angeles, Sequenza21

"Images created from the words built up a new construct in the listener’s mind, partly from sound shapes and partly from meaning – "Lullabies for the Psychotic," operating at the intersection of poetry and music, is a most intriguing process of creation as well as an enlightening experience."

[Show Review] Cazan, Gloss, and Anderson at Betalevel, Sequenza21

"Although created from simple materials, these text/sound works operate at the intersection of cognition and emotion, expanding the vocabulary of art into new territory."

[Album Review] Under the Radar, Doug Harvey, Artillery Magazine

"[Greetings from Here] reminds me of nothing so much as the poet Anne Sexton’s amazing recording for poetry label Caedmon, with Gloss’ NPR-ready baritone even resembling Sexton’s tobacco-and-vodka cured delivery"

[Album Review] Greetings From Here, Paul Muller, Sequenza21

"Greetings from here is a truly extraordinary album, placing the listener in completely new emotional terrain. This is powerful material, bearing witness to a complex and unguarded vulnerability that most of us can hardly imagine."


Hoosac Institute, Journal 1 - Score for "First Piano Lesson"

YesFemmes, Issue 1 - Excerpts from Greetings From Here


Curate.LA (critics pick) - Lullabies for the Psychotic

5everyday LA - Lullabies for the Psychotic

NextCity - Three Dictaphones for Trans Day Of Remembrance

The Rumpus - Lambda Lit Fest


Recent Performances

Pauline Gloss: Lullabies for the Psychotic and Other Recent Work at Human Resources, LA.

13 April, 7:30pm, solo show


Multicult at Lyric Hyperion, LA

25 March, first two parts of Lullabies for the Psychotic


Jaap Blonk, Pauline Gloss, and Tom Comitta at Poetic Research Bureau, LA

23 March, third part of Lullabies for the Psychotic


Voice / Words / Sound: David Katz, Pauline Gloss, Nikki Darling at Betalevel

3 January, performance of Candle Suite


Group Work at Automata [2017]

performance of "You are a Speaker: Together, Separate, and All-Together"


Readers Chorus at MoCA Geffen [2017]

performance of "Letter to the Museum (After Hollis Frampton)"


Electricity, Sound, Words: Casey Anderson, Pauline Gloss, and Scott Cazan at Betalevel [2017]

solo set including "Trauma Response," "First Piano Lesson," and "An Integration." 


I Don't Have One and So Do I: Pauline Gloss at Poetic Research Bureau [2017]

performance of "An Integration," "Encounters," "I Don't Have One and So Do I," and others.


Words With Friends: Gloss and Harris; Music at MiMoDa [2017]

joint concert with Sei Harris


Lambda LitFest: Yes Femmes II [2017]

performance of "I Don't Have One and So Do I"


Museum of Jurassic Technology [2017]

performance with Sara Robert's Reader's Chorus


3TON Cinema's "Living Breathing" at Monk Space [2016]

performance of "Counter-Narratives"


L.A. Road Concerts: A Day of Remembrance [2016]

performance of Three Dictaphones for Trans Day of Remembrance


ALma.MaddR's Quiet Night [2016]

performance of "Counter-Narratives"


CalArts (R.O.D Concert Hall) [2016]

performance with Sara Robert's Reader's Chorus (watch)


Water Is Life; Non-Plus Ultra [2016]

reading of new work


Poetry Fest; CV Art Scene [2016]

listening party; discussion


aagatha Gallery [2016] Greetings from RESIDUE

live, improvisatory, context-based performance as a part of Elliot Reed's RESIDUE installation


Molasses Books [2016] Greetings From Here

listening party and discussion